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jsmap world edition is a JavaScript widget visually guides you find a country.

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How to do it?

Just use carsor to move and click your country in the pop-up
or use allow keys: ↑↓ move & ←→ change regions


Coming soon.

Supported languages

de: Deutsch fr: Français ja: 日本語 zh: 中文 ko: 한국어

Countries (ISO 3166-1)

South Asia:PK, NP, IN, LK, MV, BT, BD, MM, TH, MY, SG, LA, VN, KH, BN, ID, PH
Far East:MN, CN, KP, KR, TW, JP
Oceania:PW, PG, AU, FM, NR, SB, VU, MH, KI, TV, FJ, NZ
No. America:CA, US, MX, CU
So. America:CO, EC, PE, CL, VE, BO, PY, AR, GY, SR, BR, UY


ver 0.3.1: Oceania map added. 53 countries.

ver 0.3: First preview. 39 countries.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. jsmap is free for both business and non-business, but we don't supply any support service.

about jsmap_world

jsmap will relieve your frustration of using scroll-typed selection for countries.

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